Building Information Modeling (BIM), has become a must-have ingredient of today's building projects, and various stakeholders are using it in different ways to address their specific needs throughout the project life-cycle. The primary benefits of BIM for owners are a reduction of document errors and emissions, rework, construction cost, project duration, and claims and litigation. A large majority of owners believe that BIM use is expanding and that owners are driving this change. A Stanford University's Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE) research showed that BIM provided a 40% reduction of unbudgeted changes; provided cost estimates within 3% of the traditional estimates; contract savings of up to 10% with the use of clash detection; and reduced project time by up to 7%.

At Luttec, we consolidate the individual efforts each stakeholder puts into BIM for a project. By filling the gaps, organizing, facilitating, and directing the efforts into a collaborative environment, we are able to make them meaningful to the project owner, design team, construction team, and eventually the facilities management team. In addition to the holistic BIM approach brought to the project, Luttec also orchestrates the process in a way that brings the most value and ROI to the project. We are a team of BIM and AEC technology professionals who specialize in providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions to our clients. Services we provide help our clients save time and money on their projects and achieve the level of quality they have always strived for. ​​

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