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BIM & Digital Delivery

Our core mission is to provide BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Delivery consulting services to project clients, developers, and owners. Our solutions are offered through an integrated and collaborative approach to planning, implementation, and evaluation.

We work closely with clients to develop project-specific protocols and procedures, and embed them into project deliverables and milestones for auditing throughout design, construction, and FM integration stages. We recognize that every project is unique, which is why we offer a range of tailored services to meet specific client needs and requirements.

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Virtual Design & Construction

We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative solutions for your design and construction needs. We do this by offering Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) consulting services that range from BIM model development, to BIM project coordination, and from 4D schedule simulation to model-based quantity takeoff.

Our VDC services can help you optimize your project performance, reduce costs and risks, and enhance collaboration and communication among all stakeholders. Whether you need to create a detailed and accurate BIM model of your design, coordinate and resolve clashes among different disciplines, simulate the construction process and its impact on time and resources, or generate reliable and comprehensive quantity takeoff reports, we have the expertise and tools to assist you.


About Us

Our team consists of AEC professionals who are enthusiastic about the use of technology and lean construction principles to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the building sector in Canada. We believe that by applying innovative solutions and best practices, we can help our clients achieve their goals and deliver high-quality projects that meet the needs and expectations of the end-users and the environment.

We are based in Vancouver, BC, where we have been involved in projects ranging from airports and hospitals to other institutional, commercial, and large scale residential buildings. We have expertise in various project types, such as public, P3, and design-build, and understand the specific requirements and challenges of each delivery method and tailor our approach accordingly. Having worked with various stakeholders and partners to deliver successful projects, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, and we strive to stay updated on the latest trends and developments in our field.

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BC Hydro
Canada Public Works PWGSC PSPC
Vancouver Airport Authority YVR
UBC Properties Trust
Vancouver Coastal Health
PCI developments
Nova Scotia Health
GTAA Toronto Pearson Airport

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